Positive Effects of Pacifier on Teeth


An artificial nipple made of plastic, rubber or silicone and is usually given to a baby to suck what is called a pacifier.  A mouth shield and handle are the other parts of a pacifier.  The size of the handle and mouth shield prevented the baby from choking.  The use of these pacifiers dates back then even before industrialization.  The only difference between the old and the new version is just a few adjustments.  Most modern mothers are known to prefer the use of pacifiers on their babies.  The purpose of this article is the positive effects of baby pacifiers.


The issue of baby pacifiers is highly controversial.  The development of teeth in infants is the center stage of all these controversies.  In some cases, the pacifiers show positive effects on the development of the baby’s teeth.  The teeth development is highly dependent on the type of the pacifier.  Some unique pacifiers have the ability to support the development of gums teeth and palate.  These types of pacifiers contradict the usual belief that pacifiers brings only negative effect on the development of these oral organs.


The development of the baby’s teeth highly depends on the correct application of the pacifier.  Baby pacifiers are at their best when the baby is less than two years.  An infant should, therefore, be withdrawn from the pacifier after they rich the age of two years.  The effects of the pacifiers can be negative after the baby has reached two years of age.  When getting a baby pacifier, extra care should be taken.  Any pacifier that supports the development of the infant’s teeth is the one recommended.


Sudden infant death syndrome is significantly avoided by the use of baby pacifiers.  The positive impacts pacifiers on teeth development and prevention of sudden infant death syndrome are achievable.  This is due to the fact that, babies who use pacifiers will not sleep as much as those who do not.  The use of these pacifiers should, therefore, be encouraged to minimize the death of infants by sudden infant death syndrome and the support of the developments of the oral organs. Know more here!


Moreover, these pacifiers should be well taken care of.  Also, the pacifiers should be used appropriately for maximum results.  These recommendations and tips of using pacifiers are equally important.  One example is that the use of pacifiers should be restricted only when the baby is sleeping.  Another tip is to ensure the presence of air passage spaces on the mouth shield of a pacifier.  Proper cleaning of the pacifier before giving it to the baby is also another recommendation.  The significance of this is the prevention of infections due to a dirty pacifier, check it out!